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The Wellness Crew are here to steer your employee wellness programme in the right direction. We do this by providing expert HR advice on all aspects of corporate wellness provision and by offering a one-stop shop for corporate wellness services across 4 key employee wellbeing pillars:

Food Crew

Fit Crew

Mind Crew

Money Crew

How we do it
In order to promote and deliver wellness in the workplace the relationship between the 4 key pillars of Employee Wellness need to be recognised and catered for. Think about employee wellness as a series of interconnecting elements that come together to determine the overall wellbeing of an individual.

That’s where The Wellness Crew come in! Like the crew of a ship, our team is split into distinct functions, but we’re ultimately working together towards the same goal. We want to help you deliver the best possible employee wellness programme for your company.

Food Crew
Food Crew The Food Crew are here to help your employees eat well to keep well.
Diet and nutrition are directly linked to employee health and wellbeing. We’ll help your employees to understand the benefits of healthy eating and empower them to make the right food decisions to meet their individual diet and weight loss objectives.


Fit Crew

The Fit Crew are ready to put a spring in the step of your employees! We’ve got something to suit people of all fitness levels and goals, from talks and demonstrations to fitness programmes and challenges.

We enhance employee health and wellbeing through physical education and hands-on fitness activities. But it’s not all blood, sweat and tears! Our intention isn’t to make professional athletes of your workforce, just to help them take steps towards healthier and fitter lifestyles.

Mind Crew

Wellness in the workplace has got a lot to do with the emotional wellbeing of your employees.

The Mind Crew can help you to reduce stress in the workplace and promote a positive mindset in your employees. Our talks and workshops empower employees to be the best they can be. We promote the benefits of tending to mental fitness and provide employees with effective measures and actions to implement in both their professional and personal lives.

Wellness Crew

Employee Financial Wellness is critical to the overall wellbeing of employees. Financial stress can have a negative impact on an employee’s social, physical and/or mental health and should therefore be addressed as part of an holistic approach to employee wellness.

The Money Crew can help! We’re a team of independent financial advisors who specialise in the delivery of Employee Financial Wellness Programmes in Ireland. Our goal is to enhance employee financial literacy to empower employees to make the right financial decisions for them and their families.

Meet our Crew
We are an array of wellness experts dedicated to doing great work for great clients.

Aine Ryan

Managing Director - The Wellness Crew

Nick Lawlor

The Wellness Crew

Ciara Wright

The Wellness Crew

Some clients we’ve worked with

Some Common Questions Answered

Why is there increased interest in employee wellness in Ireland?
The workplace wellness movement has well and truly taken hold in Ireland in recent times.

Irish employers are keenly aware of the fact that employee wellbeing has a direct impact on productivity. More than just the bottom line, however, companies want to be an employer of choice within the Irish recruitment market – and it’s fair to say that many employers care about employee health and wellbeing simply because they care about their employees and want them to be happy and well.

In 2017 the Irish government launched the Work Positive initiative to help organisations improve employee wellbeing by providing workplace stress and employee wellness resources and information on the dedicated website www.WorkPositive.ie. Further promoting workplace wellness in Ireland is the Irish Business and Employers’ Confederation (IBEC) Keepwell Mark. The Keepwell Mark is an evidenced-based accreditation and award that recognises efforts made by companies to implement employee wellness programmes and to put employee health and wellbeing at the heart of their organisation.

With government and private industry alike making employee wellbeing a central focus in 2018 Ireland is keen to establish itself as one of the best places to work in the world.

What is the cost of using The Wellness Crew Services?
The cost of our employee wellness services will depend on the objectives of your workplace wellbeing initiative and the number of employees you have.

We have a range of one-day Wellness Events with prices from €500 to €1200 + VAT.

The Wellness Crew also offer three tiered monthly packages that are tried and tested and ready to go.

A custom build package is available for your organisation, where we work with you to programme a monthly calendar of employee wellness events and programmes across the four area of employee health and wellbeing.

Can I use Services from just 1 part of The Wellness Crew?
Yes. We’re a one-stop-shop for booking corporate wellness services in Ireland. We have the capacity to programme your entire year of workplace wellbeing events. However, if you’re just looking for a single workplace wellbeing event or service that’s no problem.

Get in touch and let us know what you need.

A healthy dose of expert insights
Advice on Planning your Employee Wellness Programme + Expert Advice on Wellness for your Employees

Coping with stress and anxiety

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