So you may not be involved in the company environmental policy – does that mean you close your eyes and ignore? We all want to make better friends with the environment.  And it’s easy to play our own small part in making our office environment a bit greener!  Here are some small tips from our Captain Aine Ryan to get you started.

 1.       Coffee Cup Challenge

There are no excuses really, bringing your re-usable cup to your local coffee haunt just has to become normal practice.  Keep tabs on your fellow workers and anyone who fails to bring in their disposable cup three times has to buy the coffee round!   Alternatively keep a swear-jar style money pot.  If you forget your cup, you have to contribute a euro to the pot.  This can be used to buy biscuits, scones or of course, fruit, if our Food Crew have anything to do with it.

 2.       Switch off your electronics at the end of the day

Really switch them off, don’t just let things ‘sleep’ – the computers need their rest too.  Make sure to shut down your devices, closing everything off and shut off lights and other electronics as you can.  It might not be company-wide policy, but you can always do your bit.

3.       Don’t print everything!

The meeting agenda has to be one of the biggest culprits here – why do we need to print meeting agendas for everyone in the audience?! We know they go straight in the bin at the end of the meeting. Digital meeting agendas work perfectly well.  Think before you print, does this really need to be another pile of paper in the bin, even if it is the recycling bin.

 4.       For forks sake

Don’t stop at the coffee cup, bring your own re-usable cutlery too! Have a folding fork in your bag and save on plastic forks at lunch.  Single use plastic-wear will be banned eventually we hope, but until then do your part.  You get to eat your salad with a proper fork and feel less guilty when you stare down at the waste packaging after.

 5.       Get some greenery

Ok so it’s not reducing waste, but it does keep your air cleaner.  Having a plant on your desk or in your shared space is an excellent and cheap NASA-approved way to improve air quality. Just remember to give it a wee bit of water. I’m sure between all of you, you can manage not to kill it.

 6.       Bottle it

Take inspiration from the recent London Marathon and ditch plastic water bottles, a huge contributor to our plastic waste. Bring a usable water bottle with you to keep yourself topped up throughout the day. If you are on the move, tells you where you can fill your bottle free of charge.  We like!


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