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10 Best Brain Foods to Help Employees Concentrate At Work

Promoting employee wellness in the workplace is all about finding ways to boost employee health and wellbeing. Food and nutrition has a massive part to play in employee wellbeing - and this is not just related to the physical. What we eat impacts our cognitive health....

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10 Ways To Help Your Employees Quit Smoking

If Employee Health and Wellbeing is high on your agenda you’ll no doubt be keen to reduce the number of employees who smoke in your organisation. Despite the fact that the adverse health effects of smoking cigarettes are well known, the Healthy Ireland 2017 Survey...

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Employee Wellness Ireland 2018 Calendar

We've put together a calendar with all the important 2018 employee health and wellbeing dates in Ireland and internationally. Download your free copy to make sure you never miss an employee wellness event or world awareness day again! Knowing these dates...

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Why You Should Ditch the ‘Grand Plan’ Diet in 2018

New Year, new diet and weight loss plan. Every year it's the same. We’re not even through the silly season and we’re already planning the recovery diet for the New Year. Grand plans are made and expensive kitchenware purchased, only to gather dust after the first few...

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What is Financial Stress?

As an Employee Financial Wellness Advisor and Certified Financial Planner, I often state the case that making financial literacy supports available to employees will help to lower employee financial stress. These supports in turn reaps benefits for the employer. (Read...

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