We are super proud of the awesome twosome; gold medal for Gary and Paul O’Donovan at the World Rowing Championships! Are you inspired? Perhaps you could try your hand at a bit of rowing?  The Wellness Crew might just be able to sort that out…


Looking for something different?

The Wellness Crew brings you ‘Crew Class’   


 Niall O’Toole and ‘Crew Class‘ are proud Wellness Crew partners and are a fantastic addition to any wellness programme. If you’re looking for something different to improve your health, boost team spirit and have a great time doing it, look no further.  Crew Class bring rowing into your world with huge enthusiasm and fun, with absolutely no experience necessary on your part.


Niall O’Toole: over-achiever


Just like those O’Donovan brothers, Niall is one of our many over-achievers – if you’re low on self-belief, you should avoid our meetings of Wellness Crew partners!  In all seriousness though, we are super proud to partner with Ireland’s first world rowing champion and former world record holder. Niall represented Ireland in three Olympic Games and no less than 15 World Rowing Championships. He now runs ‘Crew Class’ providing full indoor rowing training in your office space and bringing you and your team to the water for some good spirited competition.  Niall believes that one of the greatest aspects of this sport is the team involvement; you don’t have to have any experience or skills, you don’t need to be able to swim or even be particularly fit or strong.  Everyone plays a part and rowing in unison is more important than being able to pull the hardest. You have to work as a team or you’ll go nowhere. And if anyone can get you moving it’s Niall!


Annual Docklands Regatta


The annual regatta is a sight to behold. Held in Dublin’s Docklands, sixty companies take part in this unique experience.  You still don’t need to anything about rowing!  Receive full training on the day with individual rowing lessons and have a coach assigned to help you on the water.  You begin the day not knowing which end is up and finish by racing against all the other companies; there can only be one winner!  I’m not saying they have to buy the drinks after, but you know.. it’s only fair.


National Fitness Day September 27th 2018


With National Fitness Day just around the corner and with some inspiration from two incredible Irish sporting heroes, why not give rowing a go? Whether it’s to look better, to mind your mental health or simply to get out in the fresh air, increasing your activity levels will have a hugely positive impact on your life.  Increasing your fitness can actually halve your risk of death by a whopping 50%.  Exercise is also recommended as the first line of defence against mild depression, ahead of medications. If your workplace has a fitness culture, it will be easier to squeeze activity into your day and stay fit in mind and body. So get involved folks!


Thank You!



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