Ok so it’s not the tropics, but we have finally seen the arrival of the sun.  Hurrah!  You might not need the factor 50 just yet, but there are lots of benefits to increased sunlight and longer daylight hours that we can be happy about.

Increased daylight hours have a positive effect on mood

Increased daylight hours has been shown to have a positive effect on mood and general wellbeing.  We know that depression and other mental health issues are often exacerbated in the winter.  This is particularly important in the upper northern hemisphere where sunlight becomes very scarce.  Our little island is situated at 53 degrees north (yes that’s where that store got the name). That’s really high! We are on the same line of latitude as Nova Scotia.  Thankfully the warm air that comes up over the ocean keeps the deep freeze away (we know the climate is different in Nova Scotia!) but the daylight hours are still quite limited in the winter.

Step into the light!

So now that we are 5 weeks away from the summer solstice on June 21st, it is definitely time to make hay while the sun shines. Morning daylight exposure has a particularly useful effect on setting our body clock and restoring energy through the day.  Our top tip is to get out into the light if you can before work. If you can get up a little earlier, don’t do indoor yoga! Get out and walk and breathe and expose yourself – but not like that.

Early morning exposure is best

Early morning exposure actually also helps you sleep – isn’t that interesting?! Again it’s about that body clock, despite the fact that the bright mornings and late evening light can be difficult.  It’s not like we are eight and don’t want to go to bed because all the other kids are still out on the road. But it can be more difficult to produce sleep hormone without darkness. We certainly advocate keeping your room as dark as possible – use black out blinds, heavy curtains or an eye mask.  But getting out into the light during the morning or day actually can increase your production of sleep hormone during summer months.   

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