Free Wellness Supports for Frontline Healthcare Staff

We owe every one of you a debt for all the hard work and the sacrifices you are making to help to keep our nation healthy. We know you are working under very stressful conditions, worried about your patients, your families and yourself.

We can’t stand in for you – if we could, we would.

We would love to give you a break, a helping hand, play our part. Here at The Wellness Crew we want to support you the only way we can. We will bring you daily wellness supports to help in some way to get you through this.

The Wellness Crew are delighted to collaborate with the Ireland’s Call Initiative and Heroes Aid as they fly the heroes, house the heroes and kit the heroes.  Here we introduce you to Wellness for Heroes.    

Check in with us daily or whenever you can, or whenever you need.

Maybe you’ll find one piece that you find really helpful and you could use the same technique daily – a ten minute meditation, a mindfulness practice or a breathing technique.

Or maybe a daily check in with us will simply help you to check in with yourself.

We’ll also give you some nutrition advice here and there, along with physical supports too. We even have an excellent play therapist on board to help you connect with your children, who may be just as worried about you as you are about them. We just hope you can find something here that will help. And if you have suggestions, please reach out! We’d love to hear from you about what you are finding helpful and what you would like more of.

Your first instalment..

Click here to get started on your wellness journey with our first video – a meditation lead by Lisa Bourke of Yoga Soul Academy.  This meditation works well when you are worried, upset or if you feel like screaming.


Thank you!

“Never will so many ask so much of so few”

We thank you, heroes of Ireland.


The Wellness Crew

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