Spring is in the air, and yes, while we know it’s probably going to rain again in the next few days, now would be the perfect opportunity to take part in some ‘Spring cleaning’ (before the real one comes round!).

‘But why on earth would I want to Spring clean?’ we hear you say; and the answer is because it’s good for your mental and emotional wellbeing.

How and Why Spring Cleaning is Healthy:

The winter months can be a long, hard drag for anyone suffering with mental health and these are the months that many of us tend to neglect household chores or projects: It’s easier to hide under a blanket when the weather is wet and windy, rather than face the things we need to do. Often, however, the more we hide, the more the jobs build up, the more stressed we feel and the more we hide. It’s a vicious and unhelpful cycle. In fact, there have been studies that show that people who described their house as untidy or cluttered were prone to suffering with depression and also had higher levels of the stress hormone, cortisone, in their bodies. Conversely, people who described their home as a place of peace and reflection had significantly less levels of Cortisone and depression. Creating a house that is inviting, relaxing and offers you a calm space to take part in activities that bring you satisfaction and joy is key to a healthy mind and lifestyle.

Everything in Moderation

We’re not talking about obsessively cleaning however: That isn’t healthy for anybody. Cleaning and organising is something we should view as part of our everyday lives, but not something that should take it over to a point where it makes us unhappy. Cleaning in healthy moderation should be stress-free and fun and seen as a tool to help us get on with the other things that make us happy.

Spring: The Season of Rebirth

The warmth of Spring and the exciting sounds and smells that come with it should help to galvanise us into action – after all, it is the season of activity for all of the natural world. It provides us with the perfect opportunity to say goodbye to the winter blues and whatever may have been bringing us down.

Why not take half an hour out of your schedule, sit in a park or your garden and watch the birds building their nests and the first bees gathering pollen? This small moment of reflection on the wonder of our natural world will hopefully help sooth your mind and dispel any negative feeling and inspire you into action. Go home, throw the doors and windows wide open and get cleaning. If you’re overwhelmed with where to start, a good method is to go through the house room by room. Get rid of any rubbish, clear and organise any clutter and then get down to the nitty gritty. Wash down the door frames, skirting boards and sides, clean and polish windows, brush out any furniture. But remember, it’s ok if you don’t manage the entire house: That’s a lot of pressure for one person. One room at a time is fine – you’ll get there. If you’re able to, why not incorporate other family members to help? Small children in particular love to get involved with any activity and it’s a great life lesson for them.

However you decide to do it, just bear in mind it’s a positive thing that you’re doing and if you need a top up of inspiration, just go into the garden for a well-earned break and watch the bees and the birds happily working away. Chances are, you’ll have your Spring clean finished in no time!

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