Aine believes that Employee Wellness is paramount to the success of business today. She has sky-high standards and strives to make every corporate wellness service we provide a ship-shape success.

Where did it all begin for Aine?

Aine’s background is in HR and she has an in-depth knowledge of corporate wellness in Ireland, making her the perfect Captain for The Wellness Crew.
Aine began her career in 2000 working in recruitment, where she was able to make use of one of her strongest skills… talking! From there she moved into project management, before returning to HR with Accenture, where she can without a doubt say she has made some of her closest friends and fondest memories.

Having worked in a HR environment for so many years, Aine has witnessed first-hand the various stresses employees endure; some experience mental health challenges, others fitness and nutrition concerns, while others are suffering from financial difficulties.

“Personally, I couldn’t help but notice the challenges around being a new mother and a full-time worker. From this, I have developed a deep passion and understanding for work life balance and employee wellness”.
It was a difficult decision but Aine then decided to make changes to focus on her own work-life balance.

“My girls were still babies and I felt I was missing out on them growing up, so I made the decision to work part time. If I thought working a full-time job was difficult, boy did I get the shock of my life when I took on two kids!”

However, it didn’t take long before the bug caught her again. When Nick Lawlor, Kieran Ward, Ross Maguire, Heather Leeson and Ciara Wright were planning big things for corporate wellness, she knew this could be the perfect fit for her. Aine is now Managing Director of The Wellness Crew, steering the good ship for over 50 different providers and some of the biggest corporations in the country.
Aine juggles her work life balance like a pro, fitting in exercise, socialising with friends, lots of networking, running a successful business and not least, raising two wonderful girls.

“The Wellness Crew pride themselves on putting the employee first; we want to ensure that we can reach each and every employee. We do this by bringing together wellness industry leaders and experts under one roof to provide high quality and engaging wellness programmes for people.”

“To say I am proud of The Wellness Crew, with how far we have come while sticking to our values and putting people first is an understatement”
And yes she’s still talking…..A LOT!

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