Touch might be a worrying thing right now with all the talk of virus  transmission. But it’s also an essential aspect of nurture.  These games may help reduce tensions that may exist for your child around touch – and help you to feel empowered to soothe, cherish and calm them in these difficult times.

If you didn’t catch the introduction to play therapy for frontline workers, see this video below also!

We know that working long and stressful hours might mean you are worried about your children. They are under stress too and you may find your child is experiencing some anxiety, particularly when you leave or when you come home. Our wonderful play therapist is here to help. Johanna is going to bring us through a series of very simple games that you can play with your children to reassure, comfort and connect with your child.

Johanna Mulligan is a Dublin based play therapist and attachment specialist. She works therapeutically with children and families through play, and also provides parenting support. Please see for a full description of her services.

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