Financial Stress

Is something that many people have gone through and this is what sets it apart from other stresses.

At the Wellness Crew, we meet people from all walks of life who are dealing with a range of stresses from bereavement to health issues, but the one issue that most people have in common is money worries. But it doesn’t have to stay this way. By taking part in our ‘Financial Wellness’ programme, you can put the right foundations in place to fix and safeguard against monetary stress.

The Main Causes of Financial Stress

There are so many factors that contribute to financial stress, they’re too many to list here, but the main ones are unexpected or unplanned events whose cost hasn’t been taken into account. These are things like:

  • Putting your kids through university or college. Expensive but necessary!
  • Accident or illness that means you have to leave work/take unpaid leave, leading to not being able to afford basic necessities like food
  • An emergency fund for things like a broken boiler or broken down car
  • Retirement

What is ‘Financial Wellness’?

In a nutshell, ‘Financial Wellness’ means being in total control of your money. This might sound like an impossibility, or may even sound repressive, but by taking control, you will safeguard against such events having a negative impact on your quality of life. This in turn will give you the financial freedom to live the life you want.

How Does Financial Wellness Work?

Financial Wellness helps you:

  • Figure out any potential future costs that may be coming your way
  • Put them in order of importance
  • Work out how much they will cost
  • Use any disposable income to put the tools in place to deal with them
  • Start saving!

We also run sessions that revolve around financial wellness tips and tricks. For instance, we can help you decide whether to use insurances or savings accounts; or whether you should use pensions or buy an investment property.

Take Back Control

Employee Financial Wellness is designed to do one thing, which is to relieve and lower your financial stress. Through easy-to-digest education, we can ensure that anybody struggling with financial worries can get back in control of their budget and can also protect themselves from any nasty surprises in the future.

How is it Taught?

Financial Wellness is taught through seminars, onsite clinics or one to ones. However you decide you want to learn and become a master of your own finances, the power’s in your hands!

This article is written by Nick Lawlor from our Money Crew

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