Have you planned something for Workplace Wellbeing Day 2019?  Perhaps you are having a full day of events, certainly some companies are celebrating all week! Or maybe you’re still struggling for an idea…

We asked some of our partners what they might suggest, from the grand gestures to something simple:

From our Food Crew

Ciara Wright from our Food Crew is all on for a cookery demo – ‘they are fun and interactive as well as being educational around food.  People don’t want to be lectured and judged about food, especially not on their lunch break! But having a bit of fun and a tasty snack to go with helps the medicine go down’.

Thoughts from our Mind Crew..

Mary Finn from our Mind Crew would like to see the culture around mental health changing in the workplace. ‘It’s a huge step to take, breaking barriers and taboos, opening an honest and helpful discussion around mental health in the workplace.  It affects us all, so for employees to know that the environment is supportive is essential.  It’s not going to change overnight, but you can always start the conversation today’.

Inspo from the Fit Crew

Jonny Murtagh from SMART Training suggests just getting out! ‘We all have fitness goals and of course I love helping people achieve these. But for the day that’s in it, you could simply organise a lunch time run or walk and get yourself out and into the fresh air.  If everyone enjoys it (we find they usually do!), it can be the first step to weekly or even daily meet ups.  Pounding the pavement and getting fresh air into the lungs can increase your concentration and productivity levels so you might find the afternoon is a lot easier once you’ve been out’.

Why get involved?

The aim of Workplace Wellbeing Day of course is not to simply tick the wellness box.  Having a one-off event is not going to change the culture of your company but it might just help to open the door and dip your toe.  It may seem like a challenge to address a culture within your team but you could use this symbolic day to show your team that 2019 is the year that wellness comes to their workplace.

Enter our Competition!!

If you’re *still* not sure, why not enter our competition to win a day of massages on-site in your company? Now that’s what we call a #nobrainer.

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